In our recreational tumbling classes, the goal is to have fun and teach new skills. Whether you are working on your forward roll or trying to perfect your double full, our athletes are always encouraged to set and accomplish personal goals with the help of our highly experienced coaches. We perform monthly assessments and update parents regularly on their child’s progress. Once an athlete has mastered their particular skillset or class level, he or she can test out of their current class by performing all necessary skills. Those who test out of the skills receive a certificate, public recognition and the opportunity to select their next class.  We love all of our tumblers no matter their skillset!

Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers is a recreational tumbling class specifically geared towards children ages 3-5. The Tiny Tumblers are always encouraged to work on new skills and try things they’ve never tried before. This is a one hour class for your child to enjoy, with other children their age, in a fun and productive atmosphere.

Flexibility Class

This one hour class that is focuses on stretching and flexibility. We have kids from all different backgrounds and ages that sign up for this class so they can reach their goals in any sport!